New Teacher Orientation

On August 1 and 2, our new teachers spent two days at the central office learning more about the district, expectations, technology, special education, energy conservation, district procedures, and many classroom strategies that will help them be successful in their first days of school.    After meeting each of these teachers and spending time listening to them talk, it is evident they are excited to begin a new school year and share their passion for teaching.  I feel very fortunate that we were able to hire such talented and knowledgeable teachers for our district.

            Several of our new teachers are East Noble School Corporation graduates or have ties to the district in some way.  It is exciting to know these teachers had such quality experiences with their K-12 schooling that they want to return to the district. 

            As I observed the new teachers during the meetings, I asked myself if these folks are really young or am I just getting old.  Of course, the answer is, I am getting old. 

            On August 3, I was able to visit Kid City at the Kendallville Fair Grounds.  What an amazing opportunity for the kids of Noble County and surrounding areas.   This is an event created by Vi Wisong several years ago and each year proves to be an excellent, student engagement event.  East Noble had several activities for this event.  Thank you to the students and staff who spent their Saturday with kids and engaging them in fun, educational activities.  As usual, the bus is always a hit.  The young kids love to explore the bus and find the perfect seat for a future trip to school.

Looking forward to a new and exciting school year.  Each year is different and I am sure this year will have its unique challenges but many rewarding events. 


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