Parent Reminders…

As we start our third year of 1:1 technology, I want to take a moment to remind parents that we very much want to have a partnership with parents to ensure students are appropriately using technology and are safe in their use.  If you have any concerns about your child’s use and suspect they may be visiting inappropriate sites, please feel free to contact your child’s school.  The technology department can check your child’s history to see what sites they have been visiting, have they been using social media inappropriately, and other concerns you may have.  We also want you to know that you, too, have the authority to place a curfew on your child’s use of their laptop.  Just because they take the laptop home for their school work, does not mean they don’t follow your rules!  Feel free to set your own rules and guidelines for use.  Lastly, if you want your child’s computer to be restricted from use, we can “lock down” your child’s computer which will then limit their access to the internet.

ENSC wants to work with families to ensure students are using technology safely and productively to better develop their skills and enhance their learning.  Please feel free to contact the district with any questions you have. 

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