Online Registration, ahhh…..

     Online registration opened for our district around the middle of July.  As a district we sent out messages through twitter and websites hoping to spread the word and get everyone registered long before school began on August 14.  Many families decided to wait until the walk in registration last week.  Some waited until August 1 because they wanted assistance while they were registering and others waited until August 1 hoping they could register using paper and pencil.

     During the past two years, ENSC has had families register online; however, it was using a slightly different process than this year.  To better update PowerSchool with family information and save a few steps later, registration was set up so that it was completed directly through PowerSchool.  (PowerSchool is our student management system and all parents have access to their child’s grades through PowerSchool.)  We have used this student management system for several years and did not realize that parents were using their child’s account to view grades rather than setting up their own account.  We know now!   A parent PowerSchool account is needed to register online.  The second challenge was the icon to select for registration which was very small and many missed it.  That has now been changed. 
     Viewing/paying book rental is the next challenge.  Families are having difficulty finding that information and making payments.  If you go to, the East Noble School Corporation website, you will now see a link for viewing and paying book fees.
     ENSC apologizes for the frustrations that so many people have experienced this year.  With the parent account created, this will help next year.  In addition, we will try to provide videos for assistance, along with additional communication!
     Thank you for being patient.  It is very much appreciated.

     I look forward to meeting your students next week! 

     Ann Linson

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