2014-2015 Calendar is Set

The ENSC School Board approved the 2014-2015 school calendar at their November 18 School Board Meeting.  While the school year starts four school days earlier, the year ends the same date as the current calendar.  Several of the single no school days were eliminated and placed into longer fall and spring breaks.  Fall break is October 3 – 10 and spring break is March 23 – April 3.  

This type of calendar was put into place to provide students and staff with longer breaks so they are able to relax and reduce the stress of school.  The demands of students are much higher than five years ago.  Testing is ongoing, rigor is raised, and standards are changing.  School has become much more stressful than in the past and down time throughout the school year benefits students considerably.  Input received from families expressed their concern with shortening summer and reducing the time they have to play and enjoy themselves.  Summer will be shortened by four days; however, if the down time is important, students will now have improved down time during fall break and spring break.  

On average, ENSC has had at least three snow days per school year.  There are four days built into the calendar so that not all days are added to the end of the year. 

To assist with daycare for students, the Kendallville YMCA welcomes students during these breaks as well as snow days.  

The 2014-2015 calendar will be a trial and we will evaluate when setting future calendars. 

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