Middle School Project Update

During the December 18, ENSC School Board meeting, Barton, Coe, Villimaa Architecture representatives provided the School Board with a breakdown on estimates for potential middle school projects. Attached is the presentation that was used. Please understand, this information is for potential projects; however, there are no actual plans in place. Therefore, these estimates are to be taken as just that! Estimates! Once the School Board has decided which project they believe best serves the students and families of East Noble School Corporation, better estimates can be put into place.

During the next several months, the School Board will continue to investigate options for the middle school, develop a plan, and determine related costs. ENSC will continue to update the community through this website, Twitter, Facebook, the district website, and the Parent Weekly Notes. Every effort will be made to inform the community in a cost effective way. Please encourage everyone you know to follow this website. Each time a post is added, followers will be notified. Middle School Estimate Breakdown 2013-12-16

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