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Future Make-Up Days Plan

Hopefully, we do not miss any additional school days, but if we do, ENSC staff will be prepared.  We are going to try something that many parents and students have asked for – an eLearning Day!  An eLearning day can be used to make up a cancelled school day.  ENSC will have to use a Saturday to make this happen as we have used up all of our other free week days.   Here is how an eLearning day will work:

1.  Our next cancelled day (if before spring break) will be made up as an eLearning day on Saturday, April 19.
2.  Students will receive all of their assignments by at least Friday, April 18.
3.  All students will take their devices home for the weekend to complete their work.
4.  Teachers will host “office hours” and check in with students all weekend to provide support.
5.  Assignments are to be completed before returning to school on Monday, April 21.

ENSC understands that a true virtual/eLearning student may not always engage in their school work during a structured day of 8-3.  We realize some students may choose to work early morning hours, late evening, and may even spread their work over more than one day.

This will be an excellent opportunity for ENSC and students to evaluate our ability to host eLearning days.  Following the day, ENSC will use input from teachers, students, and families, to make needed changes and improvements for future eLearning days.  If this is successful, this may be an option in future years.

Feel free to contact me at or 260-347-2502 with any questions. See the attached letter for additional information. 2014 eLearning make up 2014


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Plan to Make Up Day #14 – 2/18/2014

ENSC has developed a plan to make up Day #14, February 18, 2014. Please read this file for details: ENSC Plan for Make-Up Day #14

Essentially, we will be eliminating Monday Collaboration on March 17 and March 24. This along with the 24 hours added to the end of the day February 24 – March 27, meets the hours requirement for five elementary school days (grades K-6). Secondary students (grades 7-12) will be making up five additional hours, as required by the state, at home as an eLearning (online) day on Friday, March 28. Please read the documentation for more details.

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Snow Make-Up Days Plan

ENSC has finalized plans for our cancelled weather days.  Attached are the details and a copy of a letter being mailed to families later this week.  Essentially the plan is as follows:

ENSC has 11 days to make up.

1.  Feb. 17, May 9, 16, and 23 will be used as make up days.
2.  Days will be added on June 5 and June 6
3.  April 18 (Good Friday) will be used as a make up day.  Students will be excused to attend religious activities.
4.  One hour will be added to the end of each school day beginning February 24 through March 27.  These 24 accumulated hours will equal four days.

If we miss additional school days, we will extend six more school days by one hour.

While this plan is not perfect and will pose different challenges for families, every attempt has been made to preserve summer break for students and get instructional time for students when they need it most, Now!2014 Snow Make-Up Days Letter

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Snow Make-Up Days

Please be watching for information concerning snow make-up days to arrive in your mail in the next 7-10 days.  ENSC received official guidance late afternoon Friday (Feb. 7).  Administrators will be meeting early this week to discuss and develop plans for making up days.  Virtual learning days may be an option for us.  Check out the Parent Notes link on this website for additional information.   

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