Snow Make-Up Days Plan

ENSC has finalized plans for our cancelled weather days.  Attached are the details and a copy of a letter being mailed to families later this week.  Essentially the plan is as follows:

ENSC has 11 days to make up.

1.  Feb. 17, May 9, 16, and 23 will be used as make up days.
2.  Days will be added on June 5 and June 6
3.  April 18 (Good Friday) will be used as a make up day.  Students will be excused to attend religious activities.
4.  One hour will be added to the end of each school day beginning February 24 through March 27.  These 24 accumulated hours will equal four days.

If we miss additional school days, we will extend six more school days by one hour.

While this plan is not perfect and will pose different challenges for families, every attempt has been made to preserve summer break for students and get instructional time for students when they need it most, Now!2014 Snow Make-Up Days Letter

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