eLearning Day?

ENSC will use a Saturday in April (TBD soon) as an eLearning make-up day for today, March 12. While an eLearning day is fairly simple for our secondary students, there are other challenges for our K-6 students that need to be considered when using this type of day. ENSC wants to ensure we are able to address these challenges so that the day is educationally valuable, meets the Department of Education expectations, and most importantly, accommodates our families and students so they are able to grow academically. Accommodating our young students who go to a baby sitter on a last minute cancellation day is one of those challenges. These students will need access to the Internet/technology and also adult support to complete their work from a location other than home. Our K-4 grade students will bring home their iPad/iPod for a test run soon. This test will provide us with valuable information as we plan for a successful future eLearning day.

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