Two eLearning Dates Set

Yesterday’s (March 12) cancellation means we have one school day plus one hour to make up.    As I have expressed to families and staff for the last few weeks, we will make up this time using eLearning.    Below is the plan:

Wednesday, March 19 – One hour of eLearning activities in the evening.  Our 5th – 12th graders are accustomed to school work using technology based activities.  There should be minimal issues with these grade levels.  This will be new for students in grades K-4.  These students will be taking their iPad/iPods home to complete easy, quick assignments that are very similar to what they are doing in class every day.   The K-4 students will be receiving a special bubble envelop to use as added protection for their iPad/iPod.  The device will be fully charged when students leave school and the chargers will not be going home.   They will not be required to access the Internet from home.

Saturday, April 12 – Full day eLearning make-up day for all K-12 students.  Five hours for elementary and six hours for secondary.  Again, all students will be taking their devices home for the weekend to complete their assignments.  Teachers will be expected to hold two eOffice Hours during that day between 7 a.m. – 10 p.m.  The two hours might be split into two, one-hour slots and they will also be checking their email throughout the day to provide help to students. 

Two ideas to remember:  1) A true virtual student doesn’t always work between the structured hours of 8 – 3.  The student may work late evenings, early morning, Friday night, or Sunday.   That is OK.  2)  Assignments will be provided before students leave school on April 11.  Some assignments may be provided even earlier.  By doing this, students without Internet access will have time to load their Internet based information they need to complete assignments.  This includes videos created by teachers.  Having a student watch a video of instruction his/her teacher has created is an excellent activity for students.  We have many teachers who are flipping the classroom and seeing great results.

Our students live this every day in and out of the classroom and I believe this will be very successful for our students.    


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