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Noble County Promise

 Parents, Caregivers, and Students,

East Noble School Corporation is excited to introduce you to the Noble County Promise. The Promise is a county wide effort supported by the Schools, Economic Development Committee, area businesses and the Cole Center Family YMCA. Our Promise is that Noble County will support all youth in the development of their college & career identity through college and career discovery, academic readiness, and educational savings.

The first step for families is to sign your child up for a CollegeChoice529 account. When you register, Parkview Health will automatically invest $25 in your child’s account. You will need both you and your student’s Social Security Numbers to  register. Then you and your student will work to raise $25 by asking family and friends to be your child’s Champion. Champions are friends, family and neighbors who will commit to supporting your child throughout their education. They will also ask their Champions to make a gift of $5.29 into their college savings account. The Cole Center Y is currently working to secure a matching gift for an additional $50.

In addition to the College Choice 529 Plan, students will participate in classroom activities that support college and career discovery. And finally a field trip to Huntington University on October 1 will help your student experience all the joys and magic of a college campus along with encouragement to pursue post-secondary education and career training.

The benefits of instilling hope are too numerous to count; hope is the greatest predictor of future success. Yet hope cannot be nurtured without a strong support system. We encourage you to become active participants and champions for your students and for all students in our county.

East Noble School Corporation  is proud to be a part of the Promise, because we strongly support efforts that make our county a better place to work, play and live. To us, this means encouraging and supporting the hopes and dreams of the youngest members in our community. We are enthusiastic supporters of the Promise and hope you will be too.

 Below is the link to create a CollegeChoice529 account.  Funds placed into this account may be used for any type of post-secondary training!

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Updated ENMS/ENHS Projects Frequently Asked Questions

Please read through the updated Frequently Asked Questions about the proposed new East Noble Middle School and East Noble High School projects that will require the community to vote upon in the November 4 election.

ENSC Middle School FAQ – Rev 8-11-14

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Welcome Back to School

The new school year has started!  It is wonderful seeing so many smiling faces and happy children. It is such an honor to be a part of a school district where teachers and support staff are truly committed to ensuring our students are safe, have an exciting and rewarding year, and receive an outstanding education.  

Through Facebook ( and Twitter (@ENobleSchCorp), East Noble will post regularly to keep you current on happenings in the district.  I encourage you to use these two accounts.  In addition, the ENSC Family Notes will continue to be distributed each Sunday/Monday with updates at the district level and news from each buildings. 

The Tech Department has been working hard this summer to up grade our network and make changes to better serve students.  Along this the network improvements, the district has a new website provider.  Changing website providers and reinventing each building’s website is a very time consuming task.  Please be patient with us as these updates will take a while to complete.

I again encourage you to share your thoughts and concerns with your child’s teachers, building principals, and me.  You may contact me at 347-2502 or email at  

Welcome back to school and I am honored to work with such amazing staff members and families in our district!

Ann Linson, Superintendent

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