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During the September 10, 2014 School Board meeting, two organized eLearning days were added to the 2014-2015 school year calendar.  I know for a few of you, a sound of “ugh” is occurring.  However, for others, you find this as a natural part of teaching and learning for our students and saying “its about time.”  With three full years of technology integration “under our belts,” it is time to maximize our resources and skills of students to explore and master other ways to learn.  One of those ways is through eLearning.

Last spring, the Indiana Department of Education approved ENSC for eLearning days to be held during the school year.  The administration is not only looking at these days as opportunities for new ways to learn, but also practice for using eLearning on a potential weather canceled school day when the rough winter begins.  Last winter, after cancelling school multiple times, parents began asking “why not” to eLearning.  Our students have devices, it is a natural part of instruction, and they are quite capable of this responsibility.

October 31 will be an eLearning day for all ENSC students.  Between now and that day, staff will be planning for a successful implementation of a technology rich eLearning day from home.  While students are home, teachers will be involved in professional development being held at the district. The second eLearning day is May 4 and for students in grades 9-12 only.    Teachers will be using this day to hold senior exit activities.

ENSC takes learning seriously.  We want these eLearning days to be quality instructional days with activities that engage and challenge students.  We believe quality instruction is a combination of technology tools and facilitated instruction from a quality teacher face-to-face. A successful eLearning day takes considerable planning for success.  With that said, we do not plan to use eLearning days for every weather cancellation.  eLearning days may be used with we have plenty of advance notice of severe weather.  This occurred several times this past winter.

Families and staff provided input last winter concerning our eLearning days.  This information will be used as we plan for the first eLearning day on October 31.

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