Proud to Say This Teacher Teaches the Students of East Noble.

Below is a letter that was prepared by Bryan Munoz, ENHS Band Director, to be submitted to the Kendallville News Sun.

Meanwhile, the teachers teach.

As I was in the audience of a school board meeting this week I witnessed one of the most undermining statements from someone I have heard in education.  This human used words that were specifically chosen to cut to the core of individuals and strike fear in all those in attendance.  It cut to the core of me as well.  As I went to scold this individual, the stick was turned and I received a thrashing.  That’s right, I was SCHOOLED.  I was informed I’m uneducated, an idiot, and a follower.  I was told my opinions don’t matter in this community because I’m not a taxpayer to this county, and I’m not a millionaire (I didn’t realize who I was speaking with apparently).  Well, I have written today to say I do matter.  Perhaps I matter more than some want to acknowledge.  While it’s true I do not live in Noble County, I’m completely invested in its future.  I’m a teacher for East Noble and I’m teaching YOUR kids.  I work hard every day, just like the rest of the teachers, who do something miraculous–drive students to realize their full potential, even when they don’t see.  We wipe away tears when frustration sets in and sit down next to them to see it through.  We give that coveted “look over the slanted glasses” that we have all seen from teachers before when a student knows he or she could be doing better.  But, what we also do is inspire.  We inspire your children to reach for something greater than they realized possible.  We’re there through the successes and tribulations.  If I’m lucky enough, maybe even I’ll save just one life in my career.  Ladies and Gentlemen, I have to inform you (especially since you pay my salary): I am a millionaire!  I work with the most dedicated young students our community has to offer.  I spend 50-60 hours a week with them.  And through my classroom rigor, and our extra curricular activities, we learn more life lessons with each other than one could ever hope to learn in a business.  I love going to Noble County every day because of YOUR kids and what potential they HAVE and WILL achieve!  So while I may not vote on Tuesday, YOU WILL.  You’ll vote yes or no for a new middle school.  And you’ll vote to re-elect school board members or bring in a new crew.  It is this poor, unintelligent, uneducated, turkey  (was that what I was called last night?) that implores you to make a profound impact on over 3,000 students lives as well.  Vote yes to give our kids the absolute best they deserve.  Vote yes because we understand kids shouldn’t have to “earn” an opportunity in our education system:  That’s what makes America the greatest country in the world.  We offer our children the same start as everyone else, no matter what religion, race, or tax bracket.  Vote yes because you know that the people you re-elect into the school board have been putting our kids first and will continue to do so.  Meanwhile, EN teachers…we’ll just keep on teaching.

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