Another Letter to the Editor from one of ENSC’s finest

The below letter was published in the November 6, 2014 Kendallville News Sun:

On Tuesday, Nov. 4, people came out and voted against what is best for our students. People may try and convince you that they said “no” to the property choice, or the building size, or the tax rate, but what they really said was “no” to my future students. They said “no” to a better education for my students. Yes, I believe that the environment you are in can affect your learning. The current building is not effective for today’s students’ needs.

I am a teacher at East Noble Middle School. I see daily the need for a new building. I shake my head when we have to bus a sports team all the way to Avilla just to practice. I wonder why our students never get to go outside for gym (the only outside space we have is a parking lot and a hill). I worry in the spring and summer when many classrooms reach 100 or more degrees, and I worry during the winter that the heater in my room might catch fire like one in another room did last year. I hate the fact that I have long power strips laid out all over because there are only five wall plugs in my room, and they are only on two of four walls (with 30 laptops that may need charged!). These are only a few of the many reasons a new building is required. This building was a great building. However, for today’s students and needs, it has lost its greatness.

I have a beautiful baby girl. My husband and I live in Kendallville, and are invested in the community and in its future. My daughter’s great-grandmothers graduated from this very building. I understand the nostalgia that people hold for a building that has been a part of the community for so long. However, I shudder to think that those people expect my daughter to use this building when she gets to middle school. Do people care more for bricks than students?

We aren’t done fighting for our students! We, the teachers at ENMS, believe with all of our hearts a new building on a new site is what is best for our future learners. I hope that with this delay, the extra time will allow people to see the truth, to see the need for the new building.

Please don’t give up on our students, we haven’t, and we won’t. See you at the next vote.

Samantha Jarrett


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