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Where are we with ENMS?

As I am out in the community, I am often asked where the district is with the middle school.  Have we given up on a new building?  Are we going to renovate?  Are we looking to other locations?  When can “something” be expected?

The ENSC School Board is moving forward with plans for a new middle school.  What the design will be, where it may be located, when it may be started, what it may cost are all undetermined!  The School Board continues to evaluate any potential sites that are being offered to them.  They continue to consider design elements that directly benefit students and are future forward.  As for the start, the School Board must follow the same process as it did one year ago.  That includes a 1028 Hearing that notifies the public of an anticipated budget for a new middle school.    The School Board is hopeful that a 1028 Hearing can be held in May of this year.

Please attend school board meetings, read the newspaper for updates, email or call Ann Linson or any School Board member for additional information.  Always feel free to provide your input on this project.

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eLearning Day

East Noble School Corporation finally had the opportunity to use eLearning in place of cancelling school on Thursday, January 8, 2014.  Thank you to all, ENSC staff, teachers, parents, guardians, grandparents, area caregivers, and students!  Our practice eLearning day we held earlier this year along with our experience from eLearning last year, helped make this day a success for our students and families.

As we continue to evaluate the use of eLearning days, we will assess the lessons provided to students, the amount of time students took to complete the work, but most importantly, the rigor and relevance of the lessons.

Below are a few important notes:

1.  Adults are not expected to help their child complete all of their work.  Guidance and encouragement are appreciated and important to your child’s success.

2.  If your child has questions, your child or an adult are encouraged to contact your child’s teacher.  If you do not have access to email, please create a list of questions for the student to ask his/her teacher the next school day.

3.  Students will be given additional time to complete their work especially when they have questions.

4.  Attendance is taken for the day.  If students are able to complete part of the work, they are considered present.

5.  Families will be informed when the district is planning to use an eLearning day.

Please feel free to contact Superintendent Ann Linson with any questions you may have.  (

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Potential eLearning Days

Welcome back to school and good afternoon East Noble School Corporation families. It appears that 2015 is beginning very similar to 2014. There is a current weather alert calling for 4-7 inches of snow Monday night into Tuesday morning along with extreme wind chills.

Our first choice is always to have students in classrooms working directly with teachers. However, East Noble School Corporation has been approved to use eLearning days when we are not able to hold traditional classes due to poor weather conditions. Last October, ENSC held an eLearning day which provided excellent practice and preparation for future elearning days.

We are watching the current weather forecast very closely and if the weather does not allow us to hold classes in school buildings on Tuesday, Jan. 6, we will use eLearning for that school day. In addition, if we are not able to hold classes in school buildings on Wednesday, Jan. 7, we will use eLearning for a second day. We will use no more than these two days for eLearning this week.  These eLearning days will only be possible if we hold school Monday, Jan. 5.

The decision to hold eLearning days will not be made until Tuesday and/or Wednesday morning. If school is closed on either day, these days will be eLearning days. All students will receive information during school on Monday, Jan. 5. Students in grades 5-12 will have normal access to Canvas for additional information. Students in grades Kindergarten through 4th grade will take their devices home with them on Monday along with additional information. Teachers will be available during normal school hours through email or the learning management system. Also, as with any eLearning activities, students will be provided appropriate or extended completion due dates.

This message is being sent to you on this Sunday afternoon so that you have appropriate time to make any needed plans or arrangements for Tuesday and/or Wednesday.

Thank you for the support you provide to your children and East Noble School Corporation every day!

Ann Linson, Superintendent

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