Where are we with ENMS?

As I am out in the community, I am often asked where the district is with the middle school.  Have we given up on a new building?  Are we going to renovate?  Are we looking to other locations?  When can “something” be expected?

The ENSC School Board is moving forward with plans for a new middle school.  What the design will be, where it may be located, when it may be started, what it may cost are all undetermined!  The School Board continues to evaluate any potential sites that are being offered to them.  They continue to consider design elements that directly benefit students and are future forward.  As for the start, the School Board must follow the same process as it did one year ago.  That includes a 1028 Hearing that notifies the public of an anticipated budget for a new middle school.    The School Board is hopeful that a 1028 Hearing can be held in May of this year.

Please attend school board meetings, read the newspaper for updates, email or call Ann Linson or any School Board member for additional information.  Always feel free to provide your input on this project.

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